D+T Apartment


Any architectural construction either apartment or entire apartment block represents an opportunity for any architect or designer. An opportunity to express their wildest ideas, most original visions. The more complex the initial plan is, the more intriguing the subsequent challenge becomes. From the beginning, when work began on this project I understood that the initial plan of the apartment will undergo changes. In order to bring a feeling that satisfies the owners' demands, the fundamental modification of the odors was resorted to. One of the two sanitary blocks was eliminated, the balcony, the living room and the matrimonial bedroom all underwent considerable changes. As a heating system, the radiant heating system incorporated in the floor was chosen. We opted for a range of materials used such as, terracotta, decorative plaster, laminate flooring but with a wide diversification of colors and textures. The final result: an optimal design with style and taste that excels both the contractor and us.


60.0 sqm






Our studio is open to sustainable collaboration with dynamic individuals and companies who are looking for something that will characterize them and highlight their activity and manner of being.

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