For us architecture and design is more than just a pleasure and work, it is a kind of infinite universe where every line, form and shape that is found could be right functional working with light, placement and space that is all around it. Architecture and Design always needs research and open collaboration, a strong team that can work and develop ideas in every detail, carefully listens the client and proposes exactly what there needs are, by following not only the market trends but also the latest innovations in the field with fresh and innovative approaches to solving urgent problems of contemporary development and design. We are always open to work and collaborate with contemporary, dynamic people and companies that are expecting for something 'new and different' from the studio, which characterizes them. Where 'new and different' occurs in each particular area by working with the dynamics of the line, form, light and materials to be applied.

str. Columna 102

MD-2012, Chisinau, Moldova

(+373) 695 838 55